Sixth graders Ella Jay Osada and Holly Lanter smile on their pre-race course walk.

The ACA middle school cross country team has held official practices for the past two weeks, but many middle schoolers took the initiative to practice during the summer with the varsity team. The middle school team was ready and anxious to see their hard work pay off, to say the least, as they traveled to Macon for their first Cross Country meet of the season. When they arrived, they were informed that the race would be shortened to a mile and a half course instead of the typical 2-mile course. ACA’s opponents were in the public-school system and had only been in school for a few days they did not think that the runners were ready for a two-mile race.

Never the less, the ACA middle school runners did not let this news shake them. Both the girls and boys team had a very strong first showing as both teams placed first overall!

ACA had four of the top ten finishers in the girl’s race.

The girls’ race was lead and won by eighth grader Katie Rudins, with a time of 9:01. Holly Lanter, a sixth grader on the team, followed in second overall with a time of 10:12. Next on the ACA team came another eighth grader, Avery Hines, who came in fifth overall, completing the race in 11:04. Ella Jay Osada, a sixth grader at ACA, closed out ACA’s top-ten finishers with an eighth place finish in her first ever Cross Country race.

On the boys’ team eighth grader Preston Hill finished first for the team and second overall, with a time of 9:24. Sam Rasku and Seth Coxie followed with times of 9:50 and 10:35 respectively.

Both the runners and coaches were very pleased on how their first meet turned out. Avery Hines said,” I am confident in my time, and looking forward to improving it.”

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