When Jesus went up on the mountain with his disciples in Matthew 5, He blesses, promises, prays, and commands. In verse 13, Jesus commands us to be the Salt of the earth. So what in the world does that mean? Salt gives FLAVOR, it changes the entire area or environment it is placed in, and normally, for the better! We are called to influence what is around us and to be that change in everyday life.

My Youth Pastor made a great reference when talking about being salt to eating French fries. He said that you would never put fries on the Salt, but rather the other way around! So, we are not called to be pushed around and swayed by the patterns of this world, the sin that easily entagles. We are called to be drastic opposites of the bland, the easy, and the sinful.

As Jesus challenges us, He adds that we are “the Light of the World, a City set on a hill that can not be hidden”! This means that we must shine in our daily lives, separating ourselves, once again, from darkness. Jesus used the phrase ‘city on a hill’ because in the Old and New testament, Jerusalem (the most popular place of worship and fellowship for all the Jews) was actually on a hill and everybody knew that it represented the presence of God! Live in such a way that people see the presence of God in your actions and words as opposed to worldly patterns and thoughts.

Ephesians 5:8 says, “For at one time, you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”

We find in the gospel of John that Jesus says, “I am the Light of the World” and that anyone who follows Jesus will be delivered from the darkness. Ephesians and Philippians also challenge us to be immitators of Christ. So, when Jesus says to Let your light shine so that other men see it and Praise God, He is asking us to join Him on His mission. We are called His children as we become Ambassadors to spread the Light – the Light of Life. We must shine by walking in Love, talking with Love, and living an all-out love-filled life, so that unbelievers might see the Light and Believe.

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