Fall. It means changing leaves, Thanksgiving, and, here at Asheville Christian: Men’s Varsity Soccer.

ACA is proud to have many excellent sports teams, one of which is the soccer program.  Led by Coach Hughes, this group is dedicated to serving the Lord through athletic excellence.  Although any member of the Varsity Team will tell you that they have a bitter rivalry with Christ School, it is clear that their only purpose is not simply to win.  They are a brotherhood of believers, who happen to play soccer, striving to be salt and light on the field.

Sam Perry, who has unfortunately been sidelined this season by an unexpected ACL tear, commented that he “misses the feeling of Coach Hughes telling him that he did well”.  This bears witness to the bond of teamwork that pushes each player to do his best for the glory of God.  Each one knows that as Christians, they are to “work heartily as unto the Lord” and “not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23).  That’s a hard concept for any person to come to terms with, especially in a sport, where people are often driven to succeed in order to gain the approval of the audience.  Of course this is not merely applicable in just sports, but in all walks of life.

Drew Sikkink, left midfielder, says that although they might lose a game here and there, the team is always “ready to come back” and do their best to improve.  They are defined neither by the number of points scored nor the amount of victories won.  So even though beating Rabun Gap by scoring in the last few seconds feels great, that’s not the goal of athletics at ACA; rather, the soccer team works hard so that they might be a living testimony to Christ.  Their worth and validation does not come from winning games, but from who they are in Jesus Christ.

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